Fall HQ is open!

Hi all, thanks to all our donors and helpers, we are now open for the final push of the campaign at 30 Church Hill Road, right above Bagel Delight.

Our regular monthly meeting will be on 10/11 at 7:30, come on by!  We need loans of tables and chairs, office supplies and snacks and things for all of our volunteers!

Big thanks to all of our volunteers so far.  Lots of students and folks from all over town have been stepping up to help Rebekah, Michelle and the slate of Democratic candidates!  We couldn’t do it without you.

If you would like a Rebekah, Michelle, Murphy or Lamont sign, just let us know.

See you all soon!

Fall Campaign HQ Fundraiser!

Hello fellow Democrats and other friends.   We are gearing up for some great wins this November and need your help.  Our most important elections are right here in Newtown.

We need your support, specifically, cash!  We would like to have a HQ office space in town in order to help these great Democrats win their races in November.  Check out their info below and if you can help, any donation (within state and federal rules of course) would go a long way!

The 106th district is most of our home and the amazing Rebekah Harriman-Stites has stepped up to ensure Newtown values and issues are fully represented in Hartford.

The 2nd district which covers a section of Newtown needs a dedicated and talented representative who will work hard for all of us.  Raghib Allie-Brennan will move us all forward!

Newtown is also part of the 28th Senate District.  We are excited to have Michelle McCabe working hard to win this critical seat.  Her knowledge of how to make government work for the people is unparalleled.  Get to know her!

We also could not be more excited for Jahana Hayes as she makes her run for Congress.  Jahana is one of the new wave of national leaders that will put our nation back on the right path.

William Tong, our Attorney General candidate has been a friend to Newtown for a long time.  He will lead the firewall to ensure that Newtown values are echoed through Hartford.  William has spent a lot of time here in town and is a real friend to all of us!

June 27th DTC Party at Villa

We are hosting a HQ fundraiser at the Villa Restaurant on June 27th at 6:00 pm.  Tasty food, good conversation and you wont have to worry about your crazy cousins or Uncle telling you how great 45 is.  Ugh.

Denise Merrill, William Tong, Michelle McCabe, Raghib Allie-Brennan and the fabulous Rebekah Harriman Stites!

Please click on that blue DONATE below to reserve your spot.

Definition of terms for lobbyists and rules can be found here.

Endorsed by the Newtown Bee

Ringing endorsement for Dan and Maureen from the Newtown Bee.

“Change simply for change is not what we advocate. But change rooted in where we have been and where we are going is a positive for this town. While Mr Rodgers and Mr Rosenthal both have experience and natural leadership skills invaluable to the office of first selectman, The Newtown Bee endorses Dan Rosenthal for first selectman, believing he is the person to combine those talents with the above-mentioned qualities. With a fresh but realistic outlook, he can spit shine Newtown to make it glow — and grow — in a manner that suits this New England town. Voting Ms Crick Owen into office beside him will give our town the one-two punch needed to keep the town on track, stable, and firm in what and who we are.”    11/2/17


An Honor and Privilege to Serve on the Board of Finance

To the Editor:

It’s an honor to run for re-election to the Board of Finance and truly a privilege to have served Newtown over the past years. Our family has lived in Newtown for 26 years. I served on the Board of Finance from 2001 to 2011 (time of inception until time elected to the Board of Selectmen); 2011 to 2015 Board of Selectmen; and Board of Finance 2015 to 2017. I have served as chairperson and vice chair of the Board of Finance. Many know my wife, Stephanie, who was president of Newtown Scholarship Association, and my children who attended Newtown schools, Tara, Jimmy (volunteer firefighter with Hook & Ladder), Kelley, and Owen (and their sports.) I have also served as vice chair of the Family Counseling Center and am warden of the Borough. We believe strongly in giving back to our community that has given us so much… a picture of John F. Kennedy hangs in the entrance of my office.

At Lehigh University I double majored in finance and economics with an emphasis in public finance, and a minor in government. From my studies it was easy to understand the peer review and mathematical/statistical models regarding closing schools and property values — conclusion: the closing of the Hawley School Elementary School would not save money. For the past 25 years I have been a small business owner running my law offices. I understand the need to make a payroll each week. Understanding local small business is important when sitting on the Board of Finance.

The coming years will present financial challenges to Newtown. Specifically, Newtown is in the top 25 percent tax/per capita towns in the state. It is one of the factors that must be addressed in order to achieve a Moody’s AAA rating (bonding savings). The other holdback is our grand list. It needs to be increased by smart commercial development. A way to remember our policy directives at the voting booth would be — “it’s about T.E.D.” meaning it’s about Taxes (controlled), Education (Blue Ribbon), and Development (smart!). Like any business, we need to find further efficiencies and economies of scale. We should also continue to focus on senior tax relief. Education (Blue Ribbon quality) is not only important for the economic and cultural health of our country, but it drives the demand to move to Newtown. That demand raises property values and increases the grand list. Commercial development alleviates the property tax pressure on Newtown residential taxpayers. It needs to be smart, though. We all love Main Street and the rural feel of Newtown. These need to be preserved. Once our treasures like Main Street, the flagpole, volunteer fire companies, cultural arts, Edmond Town Hall, the Meeting House, etc are lost, they are gone forever. Without them, the demand to move to Newtown is diminished and our property taxes rise.

Please visit newtownctdemocrats.org for more information.

Thank you for your consideration. Please remember to vote on 11/7/17!

Jim Gaston
18 Main Street, Newtown         October 4, 2017