Newtown Democrats had a busy few days. First we went to the state convention to endorse the state constitutional candidates. We were very excited to cast all of our votes for Erick Russell for treasurer. In case you were not aware, he is married to our own Chris Lyddy, who served multiple terms as our State Representative!

We were also proud to endorse the amazing Jahana Hayes for a third term in the US Congress!

Then we met again to endorse Tim Gavin to run for the CT State Senate, to represent us in Hartford.

Its going to be a busy summer and fall!

Jan 10th, Caucus Agenda

Newtown Democratic Party Caucus

Monday, January 10th, 2022.  6:30 PM

Alexandria Room, Edmond Town Hall


  1. Voter check-in starts 6:15 pm. 
  2. Call Caucus to order by Temporary Chair 
  3. Salute to the Flag
  4. Temporary Chair Appoints Temporary Secretary
  5. Temporary Secretary reads caucus notice 
  6. Election of a permanent Chair
  7. Election of a permanent Secretary 
  8. Adoption of Rules  – Nominations by slate, floor nominations allowed, nominees must accept nomination.
  9. Nominations of the slate and floor nominations
  10. Election
  11. Announcement of results
  12. Adjourn


To enrolled members of the Democratic Party of the Town of: Newtown, Connecticut

Pursuant to the Rules of the Democratic Party and State election laws, you are 

hereby notified that a caucus will be held on:

January 10th, 2022, at 6:30 pm, at Edmond Town Hall, Alexandria Room.  45 Main St, Newtown CT

to endorse candidates for the Democratic Town Committee and to transact other business as may be proper to come before said caucus. Masks are required to be worn, regardless of vaccination status.

Dated at Newtown, Connecticut, on January 4, 2022

Democratic Town Committee of Newtown

Eric Paradis

CT Redistricting is wrapping up

The State House of Representatives district map has been redrawn.

They are posted at the Secretary of the State’s website.
The State Democratic Party has released a more interactive map to check out!
There are three layers, which you can toggle on and off: The new districts, the new districts showing incumbents, and town boundaries. 

State Senate has been completed as of 11/23/21. Check out the new State Senate Districts!

So some changes in both spaces. Newtown’s State Representatives will now only be 2 people, one in the 106th district, which holds most of Newtown and then our northern part of town which will be part of the 107th district with Brookfield.

We are no longer a part of the 2nd District, which has been admirably represented by Raghib Allie-Brennan from Bethel and the small part of Newtown by Monroe which was part of the 112th district is now part of the 106th as well.

In the State Senate, for Newtown, nothing changed. The entire town is still part of the 28th Senate District. That district is now all of Fairfield, Easton, Newtown and part of Bethel. We are no longer with a part of Westport and Weston.

Absentee Ballot Applications are available!

If you need to apply for an absentee ballot, do so right now! The forms are available online at the Newtown website. You can mail that form into: Town Clerk, 3 Primrose St, Newtown CT 06470. You can also drop the form off in person in the Town Clerk’s office or the handy ballot drop box right outside the door (on the Community Center side).

You will still be able to vote absentee due to the COVID-19 pandemic for this election. Senate Bill 1202 of the June Special Session 2021, COVID-19 may be used as a valid reason for requesting a ballot for any Primary, Election or Referendum held before November 3, 2021.

Not sure if you are registered to vote or if you updated it when you moved? You can confirm that with the Secretary of the State’s handy voter look-up tool!

Need to register to vote? Change your registration? That is also done at the Secretary of the State’s website!

The ballot drop box is waiting for your absentee application!

Can you help us this election cycle?

Even local elections need funding to get our message out to voters. There are critical issues facing our home and we hope you can join us in making Newtown a home for all of us. Please use the donate button below and help us get people elected who will work hard (for free!) on the various boards that keep us moving forward. Thanks for your time and help.

Interested in running for office this fall?

How to run with the Newtown DTC

  1. Let us know you are interested!
  2. Interview with DTC Candidates Committee
    1. Share a resume/background statement with the Candidate Committee Chair
    2. Interview with the Candidates Committee
      1. Group interview to discuss the position and your interest and qualifications
    3. Candidates Committee will vote on endorsing you to the full DTC membership
  3. Formal Endorsement by the Town Committee
    1. Candidates recommended by Candidates Committee are presented at a regular meeting
    2. Full DTC meeting will vote to endorse candidates for the fall election.
  4. Special DTC Meeting – Open to all registered Dems in Newtown as always.
    1. Likely in late July to elect the slate of candidates for Nov.
    2. Primary Petitions – if a candidate is not elected to the slate, he or she may file for a primary in the Registrar’s office the day after the caucus by 8/4/21
    3. Primary Petitions are due by 8/11/21
  5. Election Day is Nov 2!
  6. Terms begin 12/1/2021
  7. Questions?  Email us!