Jim Filan appointed to Board of Finance

Jim Filan _3

The DTC would like to extend a warm welcome to our new Board of Finance member, Jim Filan.
Jim has been appointed to finish the term of former Board of Finance member James Gaston, Jr.

Jim began his career in construction management where he was heavily involved in the budgeting and accounting processes for many construction projects throughout the Northeast.  He started law school at night while working construction during the day.  Jim graduated from law school and later served as a federal prosecutor for 9 years.  As a federal prosecutor he prosecuted, among other things, many financial crimes, and particularly in the private practice of law, he has concentrated primarily on financial investigations and similar matters.
Jim is already campaigning for his reelection this November.

Look for more soon about Jim on this website and check out this article on the Newtown Patch.

Incoming Board of Finance Member: ‘I’m Ready to Listen’

Michelle Embree Ku for Board of Education

Michelle Ku _1

Take a moment to read and share this article from the Newtown Patch about Michelle Ku, one of our candidates for the Board of Education.

School Board Run is Next Step for Already Active Mom

She’s a strong advocate for our children and schools. Have questions or want to support Michelle’s campaign?
Contact Michelle at newtownctdems@gmail.com or through her Facebook page: Michelle Embree Ku – Democratic Candidate for Newtown Board of Education .

Keep an eye out for more about Michelle and the rest of our candidates!

2013 Municipal Election Candidates

As this election cycle ramps up, we are proud to share our candidates for this November’s municipal election.

Board of Selectmen: James O. Gaston, Sr.
Town Clerk: Ann LoBosco Benore
Legislative Council District 1: Paul Lundquist, Tom Dwyer, Ross Carley
Legislative Council District 2: Daniel Honan, Lisa Romano, Eric Paradis
Legislative Council District 3: Dan Amaral
Board of Finance: Jim Filan, Michael Portnoy
Board of Education: Michelle Embree Ku, Laura Main
Planning and Zoning Commission: Don Mitchell
Planning and Zoning Alternate: Rudy Pozek
Zoning Board of Appeals: Alan Clavette
Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate: Herb Rosenthal
Police Commission: Andy Sachs
Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers: Mary Fellows

As we move forward, we will be asking for you to get involved to help elect our Democratic ticket this year.
We will be holding events here in Newtown, such as phone banks and fundraisers. As these events come up, we will be reaching out to you, friends, and neighbors.
Can you spend a few hours and help us make a difference? Email us to volunteer: newtownctdems@gmail.com

Budget Vote is 4/23!

This year the budget is divided into two pieces: The Board of Selectmen Budget and the Board of Education Budget.
Voters will have the opportunity to vote on each budget separately.
Per the Town Charter, in the event one budget fails and one is adopted, the budget which passes shall be considered adopted.
Voters will have the option of answering “advisory questions” that may offer input to the Legislative Council as they deliberate whether to add, or take away, from a failed budget. Please take the time to answer these questions

GET OUT THERE AND VOTE.  If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!

Democratic Voices

The Newtown DTC is proud to announce our Democratic Voices Blog.

On this page, we encourage the sharing of thoughts, ideas, and opinions. Submissions are open to guest bloggers as well as DTC members.

Our very first post is by our Vice-Chair Rich Boritz. Check it out on our Webpage and Comment on our Facebook page!

Please email your submission to newtownctdems@gmail.com. Publishing is subject to DTC discretion. All submissions are subject to review and editing prior to posting.

Disclaimer: The views expressed herein are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Newtown DTC or of any other individual member of the DTC.

We’re looking for a few good Democrats

The Newtown DTC is committed to finding good local candidates for office and working hard to get them elected for the benefit of the Newtown community. We need your support.

Should I run for office?
If you’re still reading this post, then you’ve probably thought about it. You want to find a way to make your community a better place. Now is the time. It’s not as hard as you might think. 🙂

Still unsure? Contact us, meet with us. We can offer advice and help answer any questions.

Email a letter of interest and your resume to newtownctdems@gmail.com. You can also send it to our mailing address: Newtown DTC, P.O. Box 182, Newtown, CT 06470.

Positions available:

Town Clerk
Legislative Council
Board of Finance
Board of Education
Board of Police Commissioners
Planning and Zoning Commission
Planning and Zoning Alternates
Zoning Board of Appeals
Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates
Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers

Ending Gun Violence


                                               PRESS STATEMENT

GUN VIOLENCE, AGAIN.  Our hands covered our mouths. Our tears ran. Our faces dropped, and our hearts broke when we heard and watched violence against our children in Stockton, in Jonesboro, in Nickel Mines, at Columbine, at Virginia Tech, at Newtown, and sadly, many others.  We are enveloped in gun violence, in schools, in theaters, at municipal meetings, and at businesses. The members of the Newtown Democratic Town Committee join other good and honest people that say “Enough!

The Newtown Democratic Town Committee (NDTC) submits that Game-Changing legislation is necessary. The NTDC supports State and Federal legislation being proposed by Governor Malloy and our Senators Blumenthal and Murphy, and Representative Esty. The NDTC believes that reforms in the gun market will make all of us safer. This includes universal background checks on all gun purchases, the elimination of high capacity magazines and armor piercing ammunition, and the restricting of further sales to civilians of high capacity assault weapons.

The Newtown Democratic Town Committee further endorses the work of The Brady Foundation, and Americans for Responsible Solutions recently established by former Representative Gabby Giffords. Like Representative Gabby Giffords and her husband, Naval Officer and Astronaut Mark Kelly, some members of the Newtown Democratic Town Committee are gun owners themselves and oppose interfering with hunters or responsible gun ownership. However, we recognize that other markets are regulated to protect the public.  The Second Amendment reads:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

Reasonable licensing and regulation for public safety is not infringement, it is responsibility.

Finally, let the jury system address the gun industry like any other industry. Why should gun manufacturers be immune from the consequences of their actions? Let’s repeal the gun manufacturer immunity Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act signed by George Bush October 26, 2005. Let the people and the Constitutional 7th Amendment Right to Civil Trial by Jury decide whether the latest biometric fingerprint access prints on firearms, similar to what is available on doors and laptop computers, is a necessary security, and its absence a defective and unreasonably dangerous gun. The jury system changed the Ford Pinto, cigarettes, baby strollers, washers and dryers and hundreds of other products for the safety of the consumer.

The NDTC unanimously supports this directive. We encourage our Newtown Republican Town Committee friends to join us in this message.  We commend our First Selectman, Pat Llodra for her support of controlling gun violence, as well.

Newtown Democratic Town Committee

James Juliano
Chairperson, Newtown DTC

James Gaston, Sr.
Board of Selectmen,

Town of Newtown