‘Tis the Season

The municipal election is just weeks away. Please get to know the DTC candidates and reach out to them with any questions about their candidacy! We have a great team of folks who are stepping up to volunteer to make things a little nicer here in Newtown.

There are many challenges facing our town in the next couple of years, our candidates are coming together as a community to work on behalf of all of us here in the town. Community Matters!

Announcing our Democratic Slate for the Nov 2019 election!

The Newtown Democrats came together on a steamy July evening to elect our candidates for the fall election.  Since the 2017 election, we have accomplished a lot and are ready to keep moving forward.  Dan and Maureen have done a great job and are looking to keep the good things coming!

1st Selectman – *Dan Rosenthal

Board of Selectmen – *Maureen Crick Owen

Board of Education – *Rebekah Harriman-Stites and *John Vouros

Board of Finance – *Keith Alexander, *Steve Hinden, *Ned Simpson and Chris Gardner

Legislative Council District 1 – *Judit DeStefano, *Paul Lundquist, *Chris Eide

Legislative Council District 2 – *Jordana Bloom, *Daniel Honan, Clinton DePaolo

Legislative Council District 3 – *Chris Smith, Carol Walsh, Alison Plante

Planning and Zoning – *Corinne Cox, *Benjamin Toby

Planning and Zoning Alternates – *David Rosen, Andrew Marone

Zoning Board of Appeals – *Ross Carley,  *Prerna Rao

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates – *Joe Bojnowski, *Christina Paradis

Police Commission – *Joan Plouffe, *Joel Faxon

ETH Board of Managers – *Herb Rosenthal and  *Lisa Schwartz (2 year term to fill vacancy)

Board of Assessment Appeals – *Alex Villamil, Brynn Cullen

Congrats to all our candidates!  Special thanks for all the work the incumbents (*) have done over the past 18 months!

Campaign Training School Information for April 6th

Here are some of the details for our Campaign Training School on April 6th!

Sign up here!  Don’t be shy!  It’s free!

We will be at Reed Intermediate School in Newtown.  6 Trades Lane.

Sign in at 9:00 AM

Nancy Wyman – morning keynote address at 9:30 AM

Session 1 classes run from 10:00 to 10:40 as follows:

  • Setting up Social Media
  • VAN for Campaign Managers/Candidates
  • The Art of Doorknocking
  • Field Organizing
  • Understanding SEEC

Session 2 classes run from 10:50 – 11:30 as follows:

  • Tips and Tricks for Social Media
  • Understanding SEEC
  • Get out the Vote!
  • Communications and Literature
  • Fundraising!

Attorney General William Tong – Keynote Address at 11:30 with lunch

Session 3 classes run from 12:50 – 1:20 as follows:

  • Tips and Tricks for Social Media
  • VAN for activists and doorknockers
  • Mastering the Art of Political Persuasion (double session)
  • Communications and Literature

Session 4 classes run from 1:30 – 2:10 as follows:

  • Field Organizing
  • Get Out the Vote!
  • Fundraising
  • Mastering the Art of Political Persuasion (starts in session 3)

Local Panel of Experts take your questions!  Featuring Dan Rosenthal, Dave Arconti, Raghib Allie-Brennan, Rebekah Harriman-Stites, Michelle McCabe and Chris Eide.


  • Runs during session 3 with Raghib Allie-Brennan and Kevin Alvarez
  • Session 4 symposium with Newtown High School Young Dems President Simone Paradis

Municipal Campaign Training Event

Municipal Campaign Training Flyer forDTC websiteOn April 6th, we are hosting our second training school for candidates, campaign managers and activists of all ages.

This FREE training will feature local experts in CT Democratic politics sharing their knowledge on how to run an effective campaign, be a better activist and get involved.

Nancy Wyman will start off our day, followed by several sections of workshops from which to choose.

Attorney General William Tong will be our keynote speaker right before lunch.

After lunch, there will be two more sessions of workshops.

The day will conclude with a panel of your neighbors who have run for office discussing campaign successes and challenges and answering your questions about campaigns.

Panel participants include:

Newtown’s First Selectman, Dan Rosenthal.  2nd District State Rep Raghib Allie-Brennan, 109th District State Rep Dave Arconti, State Senate Candidate Michelle McCabe, Newtown’s Vice Chair of the BOE, Rebekah Harriman-Stites, Newtown Legislative Council Member, Chris Eide.

Register now!  Don’t miss out and end up on the sidelines this election season!

Thanks for a great campaign

We would just like to shout out our thanks to the amazing Rebekah and Alex for the campaign they ran this summer and fall.  They brought new ideas to the front and really brought people together.  Alex, despite never working on a campaign before, stepped up and amazed us with his dedication to this race and the endless energy and work he put into it.

Rebekah showed us that you can run a campaign in a positive light.  She laid our her thoughts, ideas, knowledge and passion for our hometown.  Rebekah brought out the best in us and brought us together.  Dozens upon dozens of volunteers, from high school students to senior citizens, Rebekah gave us the gift of new friendships that will last longer than the election results and continue moving Newtown forward.  Thank you for stepping up, putting yourself out there and helping make in nicer in Newtown.

Fall HQ is open!

Hi all, thanks to all our donors and helpers, we are now open for the final push of the campaign at 30 Church Hill Road, right above Bagel Delight.

Our regular monthly meeting will be on 10/11 at 7:30, come on by!  We need loans of tables and chairs, office supplies and snacks and things for all of our volunteers!

Big thanks to all of our volunteers so far.  Lots of students and folks from all over town have been stepping up to help Rebekah, Michelle and the slate of Democratic candidates!  We couldn’t do it without you.

If you would like a Rebekah, Michelle, Murphy or Lamont sign, just let us know.

See you all soon!

Fall Campaign HQ Fundraiser!

Hello fellow Democrats and other friends.   We are gearing up for some great wins this November and need your help.  Our most important elections are right here in Newtown.

We need your support, specifically, cash!  We would like to have a HQ office space in town in order to help these great Democrats win their races in November.  Check out their info below and if you can help, any donation (within state and federal rules of course) would go a long way!

The 106th district is most of our home and the amazing Rebekah Harriman-Stites has stepped up to ensure Newtown values and issues are fully represented in Hartford.

The 2nd district which covers a section of Newtown needs a dedicated and talented representative who will work hard for all of us.  Raghib Allie-Brennan will move us all forward!

Newtown is also part of the 28th Senate District.  We are excited to have Michelle McCabe working hard to win this critical seat.  Her knowledge of how to make government work for the people is unparalleled.  Get to know her!

We also could not be more excited for Jahana Hayes as she makes her run for Congress.  Jahana is one of the new wave of national leaders that will put our nation back on the right path.

William Tong, our Attorney General candidate has been a friend to Newtown for a long time.  He will lead the firewall to ensure that Newtown values are echoed through Hartford.  William has spent a lot of time here in town and is a real friend to all of us!