Michelle Embree Ku and Laura Main – Our Board of Education Candidates

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Jim Gaston, member of the town’s Board of Selectmen, has said, “Being an Elected Official on the Board of Education is perhaps the most difficult job one can have on any Town Board, Committee or Commission.” Both Democratic candidates to the Board, Michelle Embree Ku and Laura Main, are up to that challenge. Each candidate brings diligence, intelligence and a balanced perspective in education that will make them some of the best candidates put forth by the Democratic Town Committee, much like the former gifted teacher and current Democratic Board of Education member, John Vorous.

Michelle Embree Ku believes this is a critical time for Newtown, one which requires a renewed focus on preparing our children for the future. “I truly believe I can make a valuable contribution to the Board, through data-driven decisions, advocating for a transparent and inclusive process, and encouraging a more cooperative spirit…I would like to see our district develop a comprehensive education Strategic Plan with input from all stakeholders – parents, teachers, administration and the community. I would also like to see continued support for and augmentation for programs that support the potential of each student. It is imperative that we expose every possibility for enriching the full education experience of our children while balancing the need for fiscal responsibility.”

Michelle Embree Ku holds a B.S. in Animal Science, and a Ph.D. in Pathobiology.  She has served as an Adjunct Professor, Brown University, and worked as a  research scientist at RI Hospital, as a Quality Assurance Associate at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and a Reproductive Toxicologists at Lederle Labs. Locally, Michelle has served on the Charter Revision Commission, been the editor of the PTA newsletter, and volunteered for the Newtown Volunteer Task Force, and March for Change.  Ms. Embree Ku has three children in the school system.

Laura Main will bring a wellspring of knowledge and experience to the Board. She is an Elementary School Principal with experience as a classroom teacher and instructional specialist in both public and private schools. Laura has earned a Bachelors of Art in English, a Masters of Science in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, and a Sixth Year Degree in Education Leadership. She is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Instructional Leadership. Laura has also published five books on education.  She has two boys who attended Newtown Middle School, has been married for eighteen years and lived in Newtown for seventeen. She has been a member of the Board of Directors at Children’s Adventure Center for more than ten years, and is an active member at Trinity Episcopal Church.

Michelle and Laura look forward to serving Newtown using their extensive professional experience to enhance the decision-making process needed for hiring a new superintendent, and balancing the educational needs of all children with costs to taxpayers. Both see balance playing an important role in this important work.

Thank you, and please remember to vote on Tuesday, November 5th!

Message from Ann LoBosco Benore – Our Candidate for Town Clerk

We’d like to share a message from Ann Benore, candidate for Town Clerk. This message was originally posted on our Your Newtown Democratic Team Blog on the Newtown Patch.

Ann Benore _1

On November 5th, the residents of Newtown will cast their ballots in the municipal election.  I am a candidate for Town Clerk and would like you to know why I am the best candidate, and why you should feel good about voting for me. Most important, I am well qualified and have an exceptional work ethic. My record demonstrates an ability to complete tasks in a timely manner and with particular attention to detail.  I will bring my extensive experience back to the Town Clerk’s Office and make sure the information available to the public is up-to-date and accurate.

The Town Clerk’s Office is the direct link between our community and the town government.  As the official keeper of municipal records, the Town Clerk must use proven and effective procedures to carry out the provisions of law.  Given the progress in information technology, and my firm grasp and understanding of it, I will be able to use staff more efficiently and offer additional services to taxpayers, as well. Some of these services will include:

  • Implement early/late office hours for the convenience of working residents.
  • Provide hunting/fishing licenses in the office.
  • Automatically send absentee ballots to permanently, physically disabled residents for every election to every voter who qualifies without having to reapply.
  • Offer training to real estate agents in the use of the town’s land records software.

In 2006, I began working in the Town Clerk’s Office where I spent more than four years serving the community.  After becoming a Certified Town Clerk in 2010, I was elected as the Borough Clerk for Newtown and am still serving in that position.  This position involves additional knowledge of typical Clerk work given the uniqueness and subtleties of Boroughs. For the past three years, I have served as a Case Manager with Newtown Social Services working closely with families in need, as well as many seniors requiring assistance.

Your vote for me will be a vote for the most experience, dedication and integrity in the Town Clerk’s Office.  Serving the community is a privilege to me.  I would be honored to have your vote on November 5th.  Thank you!

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