Board of Managers (Edmond Town Hall)

The administration of the Town Hall is as unique as the building itself. While the title is vested in the Town, a bi-partisan elected Board of Managers run the building. A full time manager supervises the maintenance of the building, which includes a movie theater.

The building also offers a variety of rooms for all occasions, including the Alexandria Room for weddings, parties and recitals; and a gymnasium for sports, parties and craft shows.  Smaller meeting rooms are also available. For arrangements, call the Managers office at (203) 270-4285.

The Board of Managers is composed of six members serving six year terms.  At each regular Town Election, two members are elected, both of whom may not be members of the same political party.  According to Town Charter, the Board “shall have the exclusive care and maintenance of Edmond Town Hall and all grounds and buildings appurtenant thereto, together with all powers and duties prescribed for said Board by Special Act No. 98 of the 1931 session by which it was created, as amended by Special Act No. 517 of the 1953 session”.

Current Members.

Meeting Minutes.

Main Website for Edmond Town Hall

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