Board of Finance

The Board of Finance has 6 members and are responsible for making recommendations to the Legislative Council and Board of Selectman on financial issues facing the town.

Current member list.

Meeting Minutes

From the Town Charter:

2-130 Board of Finance

The town shall have a board of Finance consisting of six (6) members who shall be elected for terms of two (2) years. the provisions of minority representation as set forth under section 9-167a, of the General statutes as amended, shall apply to the board of Finance and each political party may nominate and elect as many members of the board of Finance as shall be permitted by the minority representation provisions of said section 9-167a, any special Act to the contrary notwithstanding.

The board of Finance shall have the powers granted and the duties imposed by this charter. together with the powers granted and the duties imposed by the General statutes on boards of Finance except to the extent that the latter may be inconsistent with or in conflict with any of the provisions of this charter.

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