Board of Selectmen

Newtown’s Board of Selectman is our Executive branch of our town governing bodies.  The Board is made up of the First Selectman and two Selectman.

Basic information on current members is here.

Meeting minutes for the last few years is also published on the town’s website.

Chapter 3 of the current Town Charter lays out their duties and responsibilities.

From the Town Charter:


(a) The Board of Selectmen shall generally supervise the administration of the affairs of the Town, except those matters which by the General Statutes or this Charter are exclusively committed to the Board of Education or other departments.

(b) The Board of Selectmen shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of all the departments of the Town and for reviewing the present and future needs of the Town. It may, by resolution or regulation, require such reports and joint meetings as may be useful in the performance of its duties.

(c) A majority of the Board of Selectmen shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of any business. The Board may make regulations for the conduct of its meetings and for the execution of its duties. It shall by regulation provide for regular meetings and a procedure for calling special meetings.


(a) Except for the power granted to the Board of Education by the General Statutes, the Board of Selectmen shall have the sole power, subject to the provisions of the General Statutes and of this Charter:

(1) To incur indebtedness in the name of the Town and to provide for the due execution of contracts and evidences of indebtedness issued by the Town, subject to the provisions of subsection (g) of Section 6-90 of this Charter;

(2) To take, purchase, lease, sell, or convey real or personal property of or for the Town, subject to the provisions of Section 7-90 of this Charter;

(3) To institute, prosecute, defend or compromise any legal action or proceeding by or against the Town, subject to the approval of the Legislative Council and, when relevant, the affected department, commission or board.

(4) To defend the Town by legal action or proceeding;

(5) To apply for any financial assistance by the State of Connecticut and the United States Government including grants to fund any appropriation, subject to the provisions of Section 6-60 of this Charter; and

(6) To accept public highways, to approve the layout of public highways and related drainage, slope or other easements, to approve the acquisition of real property or interests in real property for the purpose of widening or realignment of existing public highways, and to grant utility easements across Town owned property for the good of the Town.

(7) To submit annually to the Board of Finance a proposed Budget for the next fiscal year.


(b) The Board of Selectmen shall have such other powers and duties as are provided for boards of selectmen by the General Statutes and this Charter, and may exercise any of the powers conferred on towns by Section 7-194 of the General Statutes, to the extent that the Legislative Council has not already acted by ordinance or resolution on such subjects and to the extent that such powers have not otherwise been granted or limited by this Charter to other boards, commissions or Town officers.

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