Judit DeStefano



Recent letter in The Bee

As candidate to represent district 1 of Legislative Council, I want to see Newtown remain an exceptional place to live for those of us already here, and retain the qualities that make it a desirable destination for people relocating to the region. I value Newtown’s small-town appeal, commitment to quality schools, and amazing sense of community and recognize that retaining these characteristics needs to be balanced with growing the tax base and progressing as the demographics and needs of the town change.

I would like to see cooperation, collaboration, and a commitment to long-term planning in Newtown’s governing bodies, and believe that it is the responsibility of elected officials to work with consistency and transparency toward shared goals and strive to meet the needs of their constituents

Educational Experience:

– Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT; Master’s Degree in Secondary Education (March, 2004)

– University of Delaware, Newark, DE; Bachelor of Science Degree in English with a Concentration in Business and Technical Writing. Minor in Women’s Studies. (May 1998)

Work Experience:

– Freelance Grant Writer; 2011 to present (Self-employed)

– Teacher English/Language Arts; 2005 to 2009 (Joel Barlow HS)

– Corporate Technical Writer/Market Researcher 1999-2003 (ITDS and Motorola)

My skillset as a writer and educator enable me to listen thoughtfully, conduct exacting research, and maintain integrity in my decision making. As a Grant Writer, I’ve worked with several not for profit organizations in town and many throughout Fairfield County. In all my work I have been tasked with synthesizing valuable information and promoting cooperative decision making – qualities that I believe are integral to working alongside a diverse group of individuals tasked with governing a town that has complex and sometimes contradicting needs.


I’ve lived in Newtown since November 2012 with my husband Ed and 2 young boys, David and Bennett.

I have volunteered my time at Hawley School, where my children are currently in third and first grade, with My Sandy Hook Family Fund in the wake of the 12/14 tragedy, and with SOS, which formed in an effort to avoid the town make a hasty decision to close one of our valuable community schools.

I can bring a balanced approach and thoughtful outlook to the Legislative Council representing District 1.