Ned Simpson Board of Finance

 I’m asking voters to elect me to a second term on the Board of Finance. 

My wife Katherine and I moved to Newtown to be closer to family in Brooklyn and Albany NY. We love it here and have become deeply involved in a number of Newtown activities. I am a board member of Friends of Newtown Seniors (FONS), chair of the Age-Friendly Livable Community Initiative Steering Committee, coordinator for the Volunteer Fair held at Booth Library last May, led a review of the 2019-2045 Housatonic Valley Long Range Transportation Plan, and am a member of the Board of Finance (BOF). 

As a Board of Finance member, I dove into the rather arcane structure of Newtown municipal government and its finances. With the available time afforded a retiree and blessed with curiosity, and driven to see efficiency, I learned the Town’s document and property records systems, capital and operating budgets, and financial reporting. I still have plenty to learn. This year the I’ve taken on the role of editor/author of changes the Board of Finance is making to the CIP, Debt Finance and General Fund Balance policies. 

From my work on the Livable Community Initiative, I believe that housing and transportation are critical Newtown issues. For the Board of Finance scope, for me the issue is balance. A balance to keep, superior schools, model public safety programs, great recreational resources, robust cultural social and lifelong learning opportunities, solid infrastructure, high credit rating and taxes that accommodate new businesses and do not drive residents away. I support adhering to the Town’s debt policy with clear and transparent financial processes. Key to finding that balance is measurement and continuous improvement. It’s engrained in my nature 

My career started in hospital and health system operations, focusing on improving the efficient and quality of care delivery. I have a bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of Michigan. In the early timeframe major steps in efficiency and quality men adoption of emerging information technology. Leading those efforts, I served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) at three health systems. Later, my career diversified into other areas of healthcare including insurance and supply chain management. During my final career years, I lead teams implementing Massachusetts’ Commonwealth Care and then the NY State of Health (Affordable Care Marketplace). Over my career, I served on a number of industry committees and boards. Most notably as past chair of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS). 

I hope a combination of career skills, service on the Board of Finance and belief the community matters will earn you vote on November 5. 


Ned Simpson 


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