2015 Charter Revision Commission

So late in 2014, the Legislative Council authorized a Charter Revision Commission to take a look at many issues in the Charter.  One of our biggest concerns was the faulty decision by the Republicans in office and the Republican Town Attorney to allow a super majority of one party on the Board of Education.  We strongly felt that no single party should control that much authority of our children’s education and about 2/3 of the budget of the entire town.  There are also other issues with the CRC that we have been discussing online and in the papers and we will try to keep those links here for you.

Here is the main page:  http://www.newtown-ct.gov/Public_Documents/NewtownCT_BComm/LC

Here is the draft that was sent out for legal review:  http://www.newtown-ct.gov/Public_Documents/NewtownCT_BComm/NEWTOWN%20CHARTER%202015%20Final%20Draft%20for%20Legal%20Review.pdf

Some letters and opinions: