Clinton DePaolo

DePaolo 2017Legislative Council, District 2

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As Newtown resident I value civic duty as a way to make a place I love even better. I grew up in a household and family that appreciated civic duty and was involved on their hometown boards and commissions. I was taught the good morals in serving others. This is what drives me to run for the Legislative Council District 2. In addition, as a scientist and an advocate., I am driven by facts, accountability, and transparency. I want to help Newtown become even better by being a voice for people on the Legislative Council District 2 by bringing fact-driven, responsible ideas to the Legislative Council.

Newtown is a great place, with great people. I aspire to honor such greatness by upholding my civic duty to the town and making sure that the people of Newtown receive what they deserve out of the Legislative Council. If given the opportunity to serve on the Legislative Council I will do my best to ensure that the decisions we make are the best possible decisions for the community.

Professional and Academic Experience:

B.S. Biomolecular Science from Central Connecticut State University

M.S. Biomolecular Science from Central Connecticut State University

Cancer researcher at a medical college.

Advocate for the working class as a union delegate.


Married for four years. One son with another one on the way.

Sports coach (karate, judo, jujitsu) for adults and children