Judit DeStefano

DeStefano.J_HeadshotLegislative Council, District 1

Still in my first term on Newtown’s Legislative Council, I recognize that there is much to do, much at stake, and that collaboration and thoughtful compromise are essential to working productively in town government. Lending a voice – as a voter, advocate, volunteer, or elected official – in our government is an honor, not just a right, of US citizenship, and having the opportunity to be such an active participant in our town has been very humbling and gratifying for me. Like many of my colleagues who spend many hours participating in our largely volunteer-based local government, I value being able to give back to my community.

My objective it to continue to effect positive change. On local boards and commissions, diversity is paramount, and all Newtown citizens deserve representation. Maintaining schools of excellence and safe roads, along with developing a strong business center to mitigate the tax burden on residents, are among my priorities for Newtown. I am invested in the well being of children, adults, and seniors in the community, and know we all need a voice if Newtown is to thrive.

Despite the struggles we’re seeing on a state level, Newtown has so much to offer. Our town has to remain an exceptional place to live for those of us already here, and retain the qualities that make it a desirable destination for people relocating to the region. This is achievable only through careful planning and proactive decision making. The challenge going forward will be in maintaining the quality services we have in town without overburdening our tax base. This will require a fine balancing act and examining all parts of our town budget and planning initiatives in concert, not as isolated events.

My background in education and writing enables me to listen thoughtfully, conduct exacting research, and maintain integrity in my decision making. In all my work, synthesizing information and promoting thoughtful decision making are key – and these are qualities that I believe are integral to working alongside a diverse group of individuals tasked with governing a town that has complex and sometimes contradicting needs.
Professional & Academic Experience

Educator (HS Language Arts): 2004-2009

Writer (Corporate, Technical, Grants): 1999-2003/2011-2016

Insurance (Aflac/Voluntary Benefits): 2016-present

Fairfield University; MEd, 2004

University of Delaware, BA English, 1998

Current/past volunteer positions

Legislative Council, District 1: 2015-present

Legislative Council Ordinance sub-committee Vice Chair: 2015-present

Legislative Council Municipal Budget sub-committee: 2015-present

Charter Revision Communications Committee Chair: 2016

Active volunteer for numerous non-profit groups and organizations including: Mom’s Demand Action and Hawley PT


My family has lived in Newtown since the end of 2012 – I have 3 kids living at home (David is at Reed, Bennett at Hawley, and step-daughter Michelle just started at WestConn.) Two other stepchildren, Chris and Melissa, are grown and on their own. We enjoy boating and sailing and do some skiing in the winter. My dog Ruby is my running partner