Christopher Eide


I have lived in Newtown my entire life, thirty-one years which seem brief in retrospect.  As a lifelong Newtown resident, I see the importance in balancing the necessity of growing Newtown commercially and residentially with the preservation of the character of our small town.  There are certain staples of our town that give Newtown its unique character: our nation’s flag standing proudly on Main Street, the tree lighting at Ram’s Pasture each year, and our Labor Day parade are among these staples.  Within the past few years, we have seen some of the character of our town beginning to slip away.

I chose to display my family rather than a picture of myself in order to underscore my reasons for seeking office.  In April of this year, my wife, Amanda, and I welcomed our first child into this world.  I want to ensure that he enjoys growing up in a Newtown that has the same character of the town that shaped me into the person I am today.

I Believe:

  • Facts should come before agendas.  We should act when we have the information and go into discussions with a focus on the facts.
  • Bipartisanship is more than having both parties in the same room.  People of all political parties need to work together in order to make our town better.
  • Transparency means that debates happen in the open.  Polling of party members may not be a violation of the Freedom of Information Act, but discussion on matters before our town government should happen out in the open, not in closed door caucuses.  Balance on our town’s boards and commissions will help ensure this happens.
  • Our schools are a reflection of our town and the largest driver of our real estate values.  Discussions about how low we can legally slash our budgets (via changes to the minimum budget requirement) or whether we should close a school send a clear message to prospective home buyers that Newtown is no longer a town in demand.  Our budget discussion should begin with the needs of the schools and with what we require in order to ensure best practices and support student achievement.


  • Served as intern to Deputy House Minority Leader William Hamzy
  • Familiarity with CT General Statutes
  • Familiarity with parliamentary procedure, including Robert’s Rules of Order
  • Served in Student Government Association at Western Connecticut State University, where I served as the Rules Committee Chair, drafting changes to Bylaws.
  • Certified math (029) and science (030) teacher

Professional Experience:

  • Long-term Substitute Teacher, Westport, CT – 2010 School Year
  • 8th Grade Science Teacher, Danbury, CT – 2011 School Year – Present


  • B.A. in Biology from Western Connecticut State University – 2004-2008
  • M.A. in Teaching from Western Connecticut State University – 2009-2010