Interested in running for office this fall?

How to run with the Newtown DTC

  1. Let us know you are interested!
  2. Interview with DTC Candidates Committee
    1. Share a resume/background statement with the Candidate Committee Chair
    2. Interview with the Candidates Committee
      1. Group interview to discuss the position and your interest and qualifications
    3. Candidates Committee will vote on endorsing you to the full DTC membership
  3. Formal Endorsement by the Town Committee
    1. Candidates recommended by Candidates Committee are presented at a regular meeting
    2. Full DTC meeting will vote to endorse candidates for the fall election.
  4. Special DTC Meeting – Open to all registered Dems in Newtown as always.
    1. Likely in late July to elect the slate of candidates for Nov.
    2. Primary Petitions – if a candidate is not elected to the slate, he or she may file for a primary in the Registrar’s office the day after the caucus by 8/4/21
    3. Primary Petitions are due by 8/11/21
  5. Election Day is Nov 2!
  6. Terms begin 12/1/2021
  7. Questions?  Email us!