Maureen Crick Owen for Board of Selectmen

Objectives: I am seeking re-election as Selectman to the Board of Selectmen. I have a  strong interest in serving our community and feel that I have made a  contribution through serving in my current position as Selectman and on  previous boards and committees such as the Park & Recreation Commission,  the Community Center Committee, and the Board of Assessment Appeals  Commission. I believe I have represented the people of Newtown fairly and  objectively as Selectman and will continue to do so. I am honored to have  served as Selectman for almost four years and hope that I will earn your  support to serve in this role for the next two years.  

Professional  Experience: 

Public  Service: 

• Office Administrator for Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Association  (2015-2021) 

• Paralegal for 30+ years for local area law firms concentrating in  commercial and residential real estate, corporate law, family law (1980- 2015) 

• Clerk, Borough of Newtown Zoning Commission (1998-) • Clerk, Borough of Newtown Zoning Board of Appeals (1997-) 

• President, Newtown Village Cemetery Association, Inc. (2004-)  (Secretary 1997-2004) 

• President, Connecticut Cemetery Association (2021-) (Vice President  2018-2021) 

• Director, New England Cemetery Association (2021-) 

• Co-Chairman, Newtown Suicide Prevention Initiative (2020-) • President, Newtown Country Club Realty Corp. (2009-) (Vice President  2007-2009) 

• Member, Newtown Parks & Recreation Commission (2009-2017) • Member/Fundraiser for Annual Hospice Breakfast, Newtown Chapter of  Regional Hospice of Western Connecticut (2009-2011) 

• Past Member, Coalition for Suicide Awareness – Brookfield ACTS, Inc. (2009-2011) 

Personal: • Spouse – Cramer Owen 

• Born and raised in Newtown; attended and graduated from Newtown  public schools • 11th Generation and direct descendant of John Glover, one of the first  settlers of Newtown; daughter of Joan Glover Crick and the late James  W. Crick, Jr.