Jordana Bloom for Town Clerk

I’ve lived with my family in Newtown for 19 years, and I’m passionate about our community. I’ve served two terms on the Legislative Council and now I want to bring my town government experience and work background to the Town Clerk’s office. The clerk’s mission touches most of our citizens, and I welcome the opportunity to serve the town in an even more effective and friendly way.

My two terms on the Council have reinforced to me the importance of community involvement and teamwork. I have experienced tremendous dedication and commitment from all our citizens, and I plan to continue implementing what I’ve learned in the Town Clerk’s role.

I have served on the Ordinance and Education sub-committees, and I was vice-chair of the Municipal Operations sub-committee.  I have passed all budgets during our terms in office and am proud to have passed many important ordinances that benefit our community. It has been an honor to serve on the Legislative Council.

In addition to my elected position, I have worked in town and am a former retail storeowner. The customer service and business discipline required in those roles prepared me well for my role on the Legislative Council and ensured that the long-term wellbeing of our town’s businesses was always at the top of my mind.    

I also want to continue to set an example for all residents to actively participate in our government – our town can be even stronger if we open up leadership to the talented and innovative residents who haven’t had their voices heard. I was encouraged by enormously supportive peers to get involved – I want to do the same for you.   

Applicable Experience

Front office / reception – Auerbach Pediatrics and Newtown Center Pediatrics, both in Newton.  Worked to update and input electronic medical records, schedule appointments, and lead reception.                                                                                                                                     

Owner / Manager – Dog Days, Inc. – Greenwich CT

In 1990 I founded, designed, and managed one of the first up-market pet supply and gift boutiques.  Our store won many customer awards and was very popular in the community.  After six years I gave up that work to raise our children, but as a small business owner I can bring process discipline and a customer orientation to the Town Clerk office. 


Dartmouth College; Bachelor of Arts – Art History/English major

Personal Information

Married (husband John Fletcher); 4 children (Jamison 25, Jackson 22, Hudson 20, Hayden 18).     

Member of the Newtown Democratic Town Committee, focused on identifying and prioritizing Democratic policy positions and priorities.

Parent volunteer – Shekou International School, Shenzhen China.

Served on parent/teacher Board to develop the school’s Mission Statement and Curricular Review.  Raised funds for Seng Girls charity for underprivileged girls’ education.

Parent volunteer – ICS International School, Madrid Spain.                                                                                                                         

Led the school’s equivalent of the PTA; Served as Parent Coordinator for the school’s International Baccalaureate review.

Manager of Newtown recreation league U14 soccer team.

The Town Clerk’s office is a place to bring our residents together and serve them efficiently.  I’ve learned a lot in my two terms on the Council, and from my collective past experiences as a business owner, parent, volunteer, and activist.  I’m excited to bring my unique background and enthusiasm for our town to the table, and to learn and share with the other members to make our community even stronger.  

I’m very lucky to live in Newtown, and I’m very lucky to be able to represent you as we continue to improve service to our residents and our town officials.

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