Ed Randall for Board of Assessment Appeals

Ed Randall is an incumbent member of the Board of Assessment Appeals and is seeking re-election. 

Ed has lived in Newtown since 1985, and is proud to have raised his beautiful children here.  He was a teacher for 40 years, and is now happily retired.  Ed worked for years as a real estate agent, and excelled at helping buyers and sellers come to a common understanding of the value of a property.  He has also learned a great deal by building 2 major additions to his home, and by “do-it- yourself” car repairs.  

Ed is fair, thoughtful, analytical and honest, and these qualities have made him particularly effective on the Board of Assessment Appeals. He understands that his role is to provide fairness to both individual taxpayers and all of Newtown’s taxpayers. Ed finds it rewarding to understand both perspectives surrounding a taxpayer complaint, and helping to find a resolution. Ed would be honored to be re-elected to the Board of Assessment Appeals.

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