Alison Plante Legislative Council District 3


I’m excited and honored to be running for reelection to the Legislative Council from District 3.  

While I’ve lived in Newtown for over a decade, I’ve learned so much more about how our town operates since joining the Legislative Council in 2019:  from how the budget is constructed, to the granular responsibilities of each town department, board, and commission, to how town policies and ordinances are carefully weighed and considered.

The most important thing I’ve learned, though, is that there’s no magic behind our town government.  It all boils down to hard-working people, both town employees and volunteers (elected and appointed), all working towards the common goal of making Newtown a more perfect place for our neighbors, our children, and ourselves.  It takes reasonable, logical, thoughtful, open-minded, and inquisitive people to keep Newtown going in the right direction.  That’s why I’m running for reelection:  I strive to be one of those people, and I want to work alongside those people to continue to get things done for Newtown.

Education + Professional Experience:

  • Brookfield Public Schools (K-12)
  • University of Pennsylvania – BA in Political Science, Sociology (magna cum laude)
  • Bridgewater Associates, LP – an institutional asset manager based in Westport; Program Manager in Strategy & Transformation (13 years)

Volunteer Activities:

  • Legislative Council member (2019-present)
    • Vice-Chair of Finance & Administration subcommittee; member of Education subcommittee
  • Girl Scouts – lifetime member (1991-present) and leader (2021-present)
  • University of Pennsylvania – alumni interviewer for Undergraduate Admissions (2013-present)
  • Middle Gate PTA – member (2019-present) 


  • Resident of Newtown for 11 years
  • Married to Justin, who runs a small landscaping business in town
  • Proud mom to Julian (7), Caroline (5), and Riley (2)

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