Voting Absentee? Got Questions? We have answers!

First time voting absentee this year? Want to make sure your vote gets counted? So do we!

The application. Every registered voter received one from the Secretary of the State this year. It had a bar code that was unique to your Voter ID number. If you still have that, you should use that. This is a simple application to REQUEST an absentee ballot. It is NOT the ballot. This year, you can identify COVID-19 as the reason for voting absentee. You can drop that off in the ballot box at the door to the Municipal Center. You can mail it, but it is getting awfully close to the election. You can also call the Town Clerk’s office at 203.270.4210 to bring the application there and complete and turn in your ballot all at once. Please call first though.

The Ballot. Actual ballots were sent out starting 10/2 and many have been returned already. There are very explicit instructions on how to complete your ballot so that it gets counted.

Instructions: The ballot comes with two envelopes: the inner envelope and the outer envelope. Watch this handy video!

Mark your ballot using a black pen.

Please check the district on top right of your ballot and compare it to the district on the return envelope label with your name and address. The district on your label needs to be one of the districts listed on the top right of the ballot. If it is incorrect, please call the Town Clerk.

Place the marked ballot into the INNER envelope. SIGN, DATE, and SEAL the inner envelope.  You’ll notice that this inner envelope has a bar code. That is unique to your ballot.

Place the inner envelope into the OUTER envelope (the mailing envelope), being sure that the Clerk’s address shows through the window. Seal the outer envelope.

We recommend that every voter deliver a completed ballot to the Drop Box located at both doors at the Municipal Center in Fairfield Hills. The door by the Community Center does not have steps. You may mail in your completed ballot, but if it is after October 20th, please use the Drop Box .

Other Answers: The Ballot MUST be turned in before 8:00 PM on Election Day. Why wait until then anyways!

You can see if your ballot was received by checking the Secretary of the State website.

You can still REGISTER TO VOTE and then apply for an absentee ballot

The Town Clerk takes the ballots from the box or mail, each ballot gets logged in and cataloged, then placed in the vault by district.

On the Friday before Election Day, the outer envelopes will get opened and logged. The inner envelopes secured back in the vault by district again.

On Election Day, the inner envelopes will be checked to be sorted by district and then opened and each vote run through the same counting machine you see at the polls.

At 8:00 pm, the Ballot Boxes will be locked or removed and NO ballots will be accepted after 8:00 pm.