Congratulations to All

Well, its a been a week since the frenzy of Election Day.  Thinking back to this campaign, we are very proud of our slate of candidates.  We were able to secure 27/31 seats on the various Newtown boards and maintained majority on the Council and Board of Education while splitting the Board of Finance 3-3.

There were two very close calls.  LC District 3 finished in a tie between Alison and Carol for the fourth seat from that district.  If you are not sure about every vote counting, our Registrar and her team of election officials made sure it did.  After only a few hours of sleep, the recount began at 9:30 AM.  It was an impressive effort on behalf of the Registrar’s team and they were very careful with each and every single ballot.  In the end, a vote for Alison was not counted by the machines and she will be taking the final spot on the Legislative Council.  Steve fell short of a return to the Board of Finance by 16 votes.  Your vote matters!  Don’t let it sit idly by.

We are proud of the way our slate ran this year.  We stayed positive and talked about how we could make Newtown a better place for all of us.  It was very disheartening to read the smears and attacks on social media about our candidates and incumbents.   Thankfully, community matters more than lies and misinformation and the voters saw that our slate of volunteers were the type of representation they wanted.

Thanks to all who came out and voted, answered the door when we knocked, the phone when it rang and replied to our texts.  The work begins anew.