Closing a school discussion

***The Board of Education voted to keep all the schools open.  For now.  There was a caveat in the motion that leaves the idea open for exploration.***


We will try to keep this updated with information, our opinions and thoughts on the idea being touted by the RTC controlled Boards in town on the ideas that closing a school will somehow save money.  It won’t.  It will cost money.  It is short sighted and detrimental to our children and to the town.  Here is some info to consider:

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School Closing Facts

Gaston Response

We also don’t understand the rush and hurry to get this done and close a school that quickly.  Anytime someone creates a deadline that doesn’t make sense, you have to wonder what the real reason is and what the motivation is.  Closing a school without really understanding the full ramifications of having an empty building sitting in the middle of town, the impact it could have on our children, home values, etc is simply foolish.

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