Alan Clavette to be honored at JJB on 6/13/13

As the date (6/13) for our 3rd Jefferson Jackson Bailey dinner approaches,  we are looking forward to honoring Alan Clavette.  Everyone is invited, regardless of party affiliation.

Who is Alan Clavette? We could spend pages listing all his accomplishments and contributions to our community, however this interview in The Newtown Bee is a great place to start.

Democrats To Honor Alan Clavette At Local Jefferson Jackson Bailey Event
Originally posted by The Newtown Bee on Thursday May 30, 2013.

This dinner honors not just his contributions to the Democratic party, but to the entire Newtown community. Alan is a true community leader. We are proud to honor him this year and look forward to his works in the future.

Please come to The Villa Restaurant in Sandy Hook on June 13, 2013 to honor Alan Clavette.
Tickets are still available.