Budget Vote is 4/23!

This year the budget is divided into two pieces: The Board of Selectmen Budget and the Board of Education Budget.
Voters will have the opportunity to vote on each budget separately.
Per the Town Charter, in the event one budget fails and one is adopted, the budget which passes shall be considered adopted.
Voters will have the option of answering “advisory questions” that may offer input to the Legislative Council as they deliberate whether to add, or take away, from a failed budget. Please take the time to answer these questions

GET OUT THERE AND VOTE.  If you don’t vote, you can’t complain!


So today 45 US Senators showed their true colors.  YELLOW.  Those 45 are more afraid to stand up to the NRA, the NSSF and other groups who are more interested in ensuring that the flow of weapons and instruments of death and destruction remain in our communities than working to ensure that people who should not have these weapons, don’t have them.

COWARDS.  That is the only word that can describe these 45.

COWARDS.  For failing to stand up to a lobbyist with a checkbook.

COWARDS.  For failing to stand with the vast majority of these United States who want to keep weapons of death out of the hands of those too dangerous.

COWARDS.  45 people ignoring the mounting deaths of so many Americans.

COWARDS.  45 people can now say that they did nothing to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous people.

COWARDS.  45 people who want to keep the gun show money flowing into their campaign coffers more than they want our communities safe.

COWARDS.  Shame on You for doing nothing while our country, state, town and neighbors weep.

This post was written by Eric Paradis, Sandy Hook Father, Newtown DTC Member.