NRA’s vile robocalls must end

The Newtown Democratic Town Committee has learned that the National Rifle Association has been sending robocalls to Sandy Hook School families and Newtown residents.  Residents have also described post cards coming into their homes. The insensitivity of the NRA is astonishing, or is it? No organization could be so insensitive as to bombard with robocalls our Newtown families, friends and neighbors who have spent the last three months wondering how to heal our children and ourselves. While some children are only now just beginning to sleep through the night, others are starting to show signs that this tragedy has not ended.  These calls are adding more trauma to what is an already unbearable burden felt by our children. The obvious agenda of the NRA is to intimidate and harass in an effort to silence the active and organized voice against assault weapons, and that voice is originating from Newtown.

The Newtown Democratic Town Committee Robo-response to the NRA…it’s not working, it’s not working, it’s not working. Yes, you are intentionally hurting our families and children, no we will not be intimidated by your despicable tactics. In fact, the result of your tactic is that we are seeing a substantial increase in support for Background Checks and Gun Control.

Irrespective, perhaps the NRA would like to attempt to join the human race, have some class, and have some sensitivity for the Sandy Hook families who have gone through so much. Many don’t want to hear about assault weapons either way. The DTC respects that, unfortunately…the NRA doesn’t. Our Republican Town Committee friends seem to be sitting out the Background Check and Assault Weapons debate. We do hope they will stand up and at least join us in vociferously opposing the NRA’s Sandy Hook Robocall harassment.